People inspire me

Flowers and insects inspire me

Eccentric animals inspire me

I am a painter, sculptor and jewellery maker. I was born in Hong Kong and brought up in the Netherlands. I have graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design with a B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art (Painting).

I now live in Devon in the UK with my husband, our twins, a boy and girl who are one and a half years old and a little Jack Russell.
I love ambiguity. I love to make elements clash to form a harmony together.

The heavy textured paint with the thin washes of watery paint.
The extremely bright colours framed with subtle nuances of grey.

The quirky, eclectic and boho jewellery that is beautiful and uniquely handcrafted.
The rustic organic shapes opposed to beautiful proportioned and symmetric shapes.
My paintings and jewellery are mementos, unique thoughts, inspired by special moments. I hope to be able to provide beautiful pieces that is as beautiful as it is meaningful to you.

I enjoy working with silver and I like to give the pieces a sculptural and rustic quality.

All my pieces are created in my little studio, insuring quality every step of the way. 

I love to create high quality jewellery that is unique, quirky, girly, functional, wearable at affordable prices. Seeing people wearing my creations is the greatest satisfaction.

Art is a way to give shape to my desires, feelings and thoughts. Combined with some dreams, some madness and some humour. This is what I would like to share with other people with my artwork and my jewellery.