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Size: 71 x 76 cm / 28 x 30 inches,
Medium: Oil on Canvas


The serenity of "Misty Magnolia Mornings," a captivating artwork capturing the essence of a tranquil morning in Devon, UK. The soft greyish-blue sky sets a calming backdrop, juxtaposed with the vibrant pink magnolia blossoms that dance in the crisp, bright air. Yellow-green buds add a touch of promise and renewal.

Misty Magnolia Mornings

  • This piece brings the freshness of a Devon morning into your space, evoking a sense of calm and renewal. 

    The very vibrant pink has a quality of ambiguity due to the thick impasto texture. It carries both the freshness of the pink blossoms and the texture reminiscent of something ancient, like a fossil or an antique. The painting also features intriguing black ink splatters that add an unexpected element of contrast and intrigue.

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